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 The Magic Blender™ software is successfully developed and used at the University of Washington.


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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

WWRUG11 in Washington, DC

Selected as one of the favorite presentations

Some of the questions covered in presentation, have you ever?
Been frustrated by existing AR options and limitations?
Wanted to create separate AR reporting or archiving databases?
Show friendly label names?
Covert Remedy date times with daylight saving time and time zone for any location and year?
Wanted to automatically apply table indexes and security?
Wanted to automatically combine table information for reporting?
Execute stored procedures before scheduled reports run?
Remove sensitive data?

3:56 pm pdt 

Monday, February 28, 2011

The Magic Blender™ version 1.0 available now
Information for licensing or evaluation below
3:36 pm pst 

What is the Magic Blender? 

The Magic Blender v1.0 is a Remedy database normalizing solution for the purpose of reporting and archiving. The solution is transparent to developer changes and keeps your reporting database within minutes of real-time schema and data changes.  The Magic Blender is a dynamic Remedy reporting solution that will save you hours on normalizing and reporting on data sets of any size.



Here are just a few of the many features the Magic Blender solution offers:

Plus Sign 9 Easy to use Remedy web GUI for managing the Magic Blender settings

Plus Sign 9 Automatic transforming of new or existing Remedy forms based on rules that you define

Plus Sign 9 Automatic creation of each remedy table view with matching label names

Plus Sign 9 Remedy schema indexes automatically applied to reporting tables

Plus Sign 9 Incremental data changes recognized for regular forms to keep data near real-time

Plus Sign 9 Multiple Remedy databases can be transformed locally or remotely

Plus Sign 9 Stored procedures can be executed with in the process

Plus Sign 9 Exclude column data that contains sensitive information

Plus Sign 9 Custom options for date formatting, daylight saving time, time zones, archiving, linked providers, job scheduling, and more


Compatibility (OS, DB, Remedy Version):

View Supported Configurations Here

Magic Blender v1.0 Documentation

Magic Blender Product Overview

Magic Blender Build Information

Magic Blender Compare Options (to existing out-of-box Remedy options)

Magic Blender Configuration & Management (images only)

Magic Blender Processing Architecture (flow chart)

Magic Blender Reporting and Archiving Strategy (example)


Interested in a License or Evaluation?  Email license@uw.edu

Email Technical Support at support@magicblender.net